Fulfillment Services

Telefund’s return rates are among the best in the business. Our partnership with C&D Printing and Mailing in Denver, Colorado provides us a full range of mailing services including mail preparation (per USPS specifications), shipping and bulk mail handling. C&D maintains equipment and staff capable of posting more than 20,000 mailings per day.

Telefund's standard fulfillment package includes an individualized mailing to donors who make a pledge with one of our callers, indicate interest in making a contribution, or make a contribution over the phone with their credit card.

Calls that result in a pledge from a donor, generate an initial pledge packet, as do calls for donors interested in contributing. An acknowledgement letter is sent to donors who make contributions via credit card. These mailings are posted within one business day of the pledge. Our standard package includes two reminder mailings, posted two and four weeks after the initial pledge mailing. We constantly strive to increase the quality and efficiency of our fulfillment mailings.

We will work with you to design and track the results of virtually any experimental device or approach. C&D's automated mail assembly system is accurate, fast, and flexible enough to handle a wide array of devices. For those pieces that just won’t fit the machines, the team will carefully assemble pieces by hand.